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My name is Riya and I'm a UK-based multimedia artist. 

I've always loved how art can impact people, in whatever form. What is to some a painting of a plain old flower, is to others the colour and scent of their childhood. Once, I went to the Tate and looked at an abstract painting with my friends. They saw a palette of colours making up meaningless lines, I saw my home town from a plane window. Strange, isn't it? 

The more I created pieces of my own, the more I became aware of the impact my work could have on others. And I decided to use it. I decided to create art to impact people, to make change happen.

I want to create pieces that make people feel seen, not by way of interpretation, but through real and proper representation. I want to tell people's stories and create a safe space for absolutely everyone. Everyone is Welcome.

With each print you purchase (on my etsy or redbubble!), a certain amount is donated to a charity or cause that is related to the artwork, so we can truly support and bring a community to the forefront.

On my blog, I'll be putting out lists of resources, stories and pieces that help us learn more about different communities, that answer questions, that connect us with the rest of the world. These will be based on my own research and any contributions that anyone would like to offer to make it as authentic as possible. 

I will feature not only my work, but work by artists all over the world across a range of styles.

I hope my art makes an impact on you in some way. 

Riya x





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